Vain Pursuits is a young, exciting beauty e-commerce company changing the way millennials buy skincare. We’re a skincare brand & online coaching service that simplifies skincare shopping through personalized skincare products and advice. We pride ourselves on being relatable to our customers. They come to us because they feel safe and know they will be listened to and understood. Everyone on Team Vain puts customer happiness above all else - it’s the key to our success.

Open Positions

1- Beauty Marketing Intern

2- Graphic & Web Design Intern

3- Name Your Job

Interested in joining Vain Pursuits, but don’t see the right job posting? We want you to speak up! Tell us your story, write your job description, and let us know how you would spend your first 90 days. (Given that we’re not actively searching for your position, we encourage you to be convincing.) Apply here: people [at] vainpursuits [dot] com