About Us

  • Doctor’s orders

    “Every woman should follow a beauty routine tailored to her needs...we love [Vain Pursuits’] personalized service, which enables our skin to get the ingredients it really needs depending on the season!”

  • In Pursuit of Skincare Happiness with Vain Pursuits

    “The first online beauty lab in North America, with products that are all-natural, eco-friendly and cruelty-free. Here’s how it works: First, you fill out a comprehensive beauty profile. Using 15,000 factors, including caffeine and water intake, sleep and stress, products are created for you. You can even choose the scents for each.”

  • Vain Pursuits: A skin care brand that is all about you!

    “Do you ever wish that your skin care products were tailored just for you? We do too. But dream no longer, because recently launched Canadian brand, Vain Pursuits, is making this wish come true with their beauty products that are designed by you and most importantly, for you!”